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8 Foundations of our Antidiscrimination and Antiviolence Work

Download the "8 FOUNDATIONS of our anti-violence and anti-discrimination work" as pdf

  1. Our work against violence and discrimination is defined by our focus on multiple belongings.
  2. Lesbian/bisexual women, trans*1 and inter* people experience numerous forms of emotional, mental, physical and structural violence/discrimination, which can be carried out by other people or the state.
  3. Interpersonal, state and structural forms of violence and discrimination influence one another and must be addressed in conjunction with one another.
  4. Lesbian/bisexual women, trans* and inter* people also carry out acts of violence and discrimination.
  5. Structural power relations influence the way in which violence is carried out and experienced. They also influence what the consequences of the experience of violence are, and what courses of action are available, or are known, to the affected individuals.
  6. We believe that people who have experienced violence have a responsibility and a right to confront the experience: they are the ones, in the end, who best know what they need. They should be able to choose the best path for them out of the possible courses of action. We consider the support of people in this process to be a shared responsibility.
  7. We think that it is possible for people who have committed acts of violence to take responsibility for their violent behaviour in the long run. It is a shared responsibility to demand that the perpetrator take responsibility and to critically support the process.
  8. We would like to deal with violence in such a way so that the needs of the person who is experiencing or has experienced violence are the focus. We believe that the social conditions and collective structures which perpetuate and foster violence/discrimination must be, and can be, fundamentally changed.


1 Trans* designates all those who cannot or do not want to live as the gender that they were assigned at birth. This includes individuals who are transsexual, transgender, drag queens and kings, transidentities, crossdressers and many more.