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Empowerment Material Online!
Strategies for dealing with violence and discrimination



In times where there is a strong political shift to the right, as can be seen in the current state of Germany, Europe, and Globally, solidarity within and beyond our marginalized communities is even more necessary.
Refraktion is for us a space to ReThink which kind of solidarity we want and to ReDefine which kind of spaces we need within the LGBTIQ communities.

If you also wonder:

How to go beyond checklist activism?
What the necessary groundwork is to open up spaces for healing and empowerment?
How we can unify and still respect our differences?
How we can create and strengthen our networks?
and how we can bring our discussions/struggles into places/moments of action?

Then let ́s come together, hang out, discuss and share experiences. Your opinion matters!


This is a Queer-BIPoC centered event but open to all LGBTIQ people.

programme 7th May

programme 8th May


Werkstatt der Kulturen
W i s s m a n n s t r a s s e 3 2 , 12 0 4 9 B e r l i n
The space is accessible via an Elevator and offers wheelchair accessible toilets.


Different spoken language translations possible

There will be childcare.


w w w . r e f r a k t i o n 2 019 . w o r d p r e s s . c o m
030 219150 90

About us


LesMigraS - Antidiscrimination and Antiviolence work area of the Lesbenberatung Berlin.

(Lesbian/bisexual Migrants, Black Lesbians and Trans*People)

LesMigraS is engaged in antidiscrimination and antiviolence work, offers counselling and a space for self-empowerment.
We advocate for a society in which all aspects of the life and identity of lesbian, bisexual women inter* and trans* people are accepted and appreciated. With aspects, we do not only refer to sexual orientation, but also to belonging to different social, religious and cultural groups.

Our intercultural team offers counselling in person, on the phone, via email and chat in English, Arabic, French, Persian, Kurmancî, Turkish and German. For other languages, we work together with translators.
- Dealing with experiences of violence and discrimination
- Violence in lesbian trans* and inter* relationships
- Legal advice on asylum law, residency law, hate violence and binational relationship, through Barbara Wessel
- Migration

Tapesh – with heart and vision against violence and discrimination. Empowerment project for lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans* and inter* persons.
Strategies for dealing with violence and discrimination

An important aspect of LesMigraS work is the empowerment of lesbian, bisexual trans* and inter* migrants, Black LBTI and LBTI of Color. We offer events, meetings and publications. 

LesMigraS Campaign
Campaign on experiences with violence and multiple discrimination of lesbian, bisexual women and trans* people.
Nationwide study, networking and trainings

LesMigraS is actively engaged in several networks and works closely with antidiscrimination and antiviolence projects in order to jointly develop and implement strategies on the issue of and the struggle against multiple discrimination and violence.

LesMigraS has supported three films in Germany, France and Austria about the situation of lesbian migrants from various countries.

Furthermore we have published five books in different languages:
1. Life of Iranian lesbians - Iranian lesbians in Germany and Europe (Persian/German)
2. Voices of Arabic Lesbians - Arabic Lesbians in Germany and Europe (Arabic/German)
3. Russian lesbians in Europe (Russian/German)
4. Set signs - lesbians of Turkish descent in Germany and Europe (Turkish/German)
5. Plea for fighting discrimination among the discriminated - lesbian migrants in intercultural projects and lesbian organisations in Germany (German)

We have published two posters and three postcards in Persian, Turkish and German. Our posters, postcards and books are available in our counseling center. Our range of products is constantly developing. You are welcome to visit us and take a look at our current materials, which you also can take home. You can also download many materials from our homepage:

What is Violence? as pdf

The 8 foundations of our anti-violence and anti-discrimination work as pdf

What do the terms “multiple belongings” and “multiple discriminations” mean? as pdf


c/o Lesbenberatung Berlin e.V.
Kulmer Strasse 20a
10 783 Berlin
phone: +49 30 21 91 50 90

Our office hours are:
Monday 14-19h
Tuesday 10-19h
Wednesday 14-17h
Thursday 14-19h
Friday 14-17h