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Overview of Strategies for Action against Violence and Discriminiation

We present you a list of strategies for people who experience situations of violence and discrimination. There are many ways of dealing with these situations, and we want to offer you a few suggestions. For more information or counselling, please contact us.

Defend yourself in the situation! There are many ways of defending yourself, be it verbally or if necessary for your self defence physically, be it with humour or in form of silence and ignoring, be it through calling the police or seeking safety with close by people or locations.
You can decide what’s best for yourself in the situation. Trust your intuition.

- Support through your social environment. Talk to people you trust about your experiences of violence and discrimination. It’s good not to be alone with the experience and the consequences. Consider together whether you are currently out of danger of more violence and discrimination or otherwise what you would need for that. Take care of your needs and if you want let close people know how they can support you.

- Counselling. Come to a free counselling session, no matter if it’s just once or for a counselling series, whether on the phone, in person, via email or chat, here you can find support and new ways.
- If you are a victim or witness of police violence, you can get help here.

- Legal Options:
 - General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). Legal support in cases of discrimination based on race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, age, disability or religion. More information and free counselling on the possibilities of the AGG (in German)
 - Protection against Violence Act. Legal support in cases of domestic violence, violence in intimate relationships or stalking. More information (in German)
 - Calling the police / filing a police report. Information about filing a police report (in German) as pdf.
Contact persons of the Berlin police in cases of violence against gays and lesbians: Maria Tischbier et Uwe Löher, Tel: 030 4664 979444.
In any case it is good to write a protocol of how you remember the situation and to document evidence.

- Groups and Workshops
Participate in a group to talk about experiences of discrimination and violence or take part in an empowerment workshop. It feels good not to be alone with the experiences.

- Find ways to deal with the experiences
People have different ways of dealing with experiences of violence and discrimination. The experiences can have many consequences: they can cause fear, maybe you have trouble concentrating, are tired a lot and have physical discomfort. Maybe you are ashamed of what happened. It’s possible that you are easily agitated, feel depressed, and even think about killing yourself. People have different needs in this situation. Maybe you want to be alone a lot, or you want to spend a lot of time with your friends. Maybe you need time and quietness to think about what happened, or you just want to distract yourself and return to your everyday life as soon as possible. Maybe the experiences just make you very angry or they raise the desire to actively engage yourself against violence and discrimination. All these desires are alright and you can decide what feels good to you at the moment. Trust your wishes and accept support if you like.

A few things that can be helpful with that:
- Art (drawing, theatre, film, writing, drawing comics, ...)
- political activism
- sport
- writing
- counselling or therapy
- self defence class
- reading about what happens to a person, when she_he  experiences discrimination and violence
- become politically active against violence and discrimination, in your school, your workplace, with your friends or as a volunteer in an antiviolence project
- spending time in communities that validate your own way of life

Everything that is written here can be deepened through various workshops, events or a counselling session. More information about our services, here.